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The internet is the source of some of the most inspirational and awe-inspiring quotes out there. Unfortunately, most of these are fake… But that won’t stop you from being inspired while having a morning cup of coffee! These coffee mugs make great gifts for the holidays or for birthdays. Make sure to tell everyone that the quote is real, and see how long it takes until they find out its not.

Sun Tzu Coffee Mugs

Strategic Thinkers

Maybe you want people to think you’re a strategic genius, and that you know a lot about the writings of military thinkers. Get a coffee mug that talks about Sun Tzu’s views on strategic cowardice! People will think they’ve discovered a new quote when they see your coffee mug in your kitchen.

Abraham Lincoln Coffee Mugs

Political Leaders

Perhaps you are inspired by one of the greatest Presidents of the United States – Abraham Lincoln. Did you know he was also worried about the negative effects the internet has on society? He was one of the first people to talk about the dangers of this new form of communication.

Marcus Aurelius Coffee Mugs


Are you a fan of ancient Greek philosophy? Do you try to practice the tenants of stoicism to live a better life? Do you read Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations” before going to sleep? If you do these things, you probably will love this mug that references one of Marcus Aurelius’ missing quotes. Rumor is that a group of archaeologists in Rome discovered Marcus Aurelius’ sequel to “Meditations” called “Freak Outs”. Don’t read this book if you don’t want your image of the Roman emperor tarnished. Apparently he spent all his free time arguing with people on twitter. He didn’t learn the discipline to not read his @ mentions.

Steve Jobs Coffee Mugs

Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

And who can forget the legacy of the great Steve Jobs? This genius quite literally made us “think different” and changed the world by persuading us to buy overpriced laptops and smart phones. What an amazing visionary!

We keep adding more inventory! It usually takes about two days to build your coffee mugs after you order. After the two days, you will receive an additional email with tracking information. If you have any suggested product additions (such as different mug sizes or different types of products), please email us at admin@fakequotecoffeemugs.com.

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