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 The Marcus Aurelius Coffee Mugs

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was known for his insights in stoic philosophy, with his memoirs being published as “Meditations”.  However, in his personal life, he often blamed “the system” when he couldn’t get what he wanted.  He also argued on twitter a lot, and had on obsession with things outside of his control.  This true side of the emperor is reflected in the Marcus Aurelius coffee mug.

“I blame other people for all my problems.”

-Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius the Stoic

The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius grew up in a Patrician family in ancient Rome, near the height of the empire’s strength.  He eventually became co-emperor with Lucius Verus, and eventually became the full emperor of Rome.  He also famously wrote a personal diary, which other have since published as the book “Meditations”.

In his journal, he wrote about the importance of following the principles of stoicism, to include focusing only on things within one’s control, reducing negative emotions, focusing on virtue and wisdom, and being indifferent to wealth and power.

Marcus Aurelius the Whiny Twitter User

However, historians discovered that “Meditations” was a fake version of Marcus’ memoirs, written by stoic philosophers who were shocked and embarrassed after discovering the former’s true memoirs,  titled “I Don’t Meditate”.

In these memoirs, Marcus Aurelius spent all of his free time arguing with trolls on twitter, complaining about social issues and policy as if he wasn’t in charge of all of it, drinking every night and complaining about feeling sick the next morning, reading ancient Roman news stories all day, talking about the “good old days”, and worrying about “what if” scenarios.

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