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Steve Jobs Coffee Mug

The Steve Jobs coffee mug highlights the amazing design genius the great entrepreneur had.  Steve Jobs was known for his focus on designing a small line of sleek, minimalistic products.

One of his most genius decisions was to make a charging port that only works  with  Apple products.  Thanks to his foresight, millions of Apple consumers now have the amazing privilege to buy an extra charger that doesn’t work with anything else.

“Make sure your product has a different charging port from all the others.”

-Steve Jobs

About Steve Jobs

In 1976 Steve Jobs partnered with Steve Wozniak to develop the Apple I computer.  This started one of the most amazing tech stories in history.  Over the next several decades, Apple has changed the world by making electronic devices that people could use to create a personal identify around.

In fact, cults around the world have shrunken in their destructive power because people instead would buy the new version of the Mac or iPhone.  This transformative power was most famously established in two advertising campaigns.

The Campaigns

In the first campaign from 1984, a woman runs into a room in which a dictator is giving a speech from a huge screen.  She then throws a sledgehammer at the screen.  The lesson here is that the way to fight an all-powerful state is by buying overpriced electronic devices.

In a second campaign, called “Think Different”, the camera shows multiple famous historical figures speak.  This includes Gandhi, Einstein, John Lennon, and Muhammed Ali.  This campaign showed that the way to inspire social change is by telling other people that you use Apple products.

Most famous of all, Apple made share everyone has to use a completely differently charger – for totally legitimate reasons that only true Apple users will understand.

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  1. White ceramic
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  3. Rounded corners
  4. C-handle
  5. Lead and BPA-free

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