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 The Ray Bradbury Coffee Mug

The Ray Bradbury coffee mug addresses the fears of one of America’s great novelists.  Ray Bradbury was worried about a future where special interests would demand the burning of controversial books.  Fortunately his fears went away when e-books were invented, since they’re backed up in the cloud.

“You can’t burn books if they’re e-books”

-Ray Bradbury

On Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, famous American author, grew up in Illionois, Arizona, and Los Angeles California.  Growing up, he developed a passion for literature, and began writing a series of novels and short stories.  He became well known due to his most famous novel – Fahrenheit 451.

In this story, a group of “firemen” in a dystopian future would go around burning books of various kinds.  His book was a warning based on trends towards censorship he witnessed in his life, both a home and abroad.

Fireproof E-Books

Ray Bradbury spent much of his life worried about the danger of book burning.  Despite pledges in support of the 1st amendment of the Constitution touted by politicians, Ray always saw people use threats of book burning as a political tool.

However, his fears abated towards the end of his life when people started buying e-books they could listen from their home.  At this point, he realized his worst case fears of book burning were no longer going to come true.  So he burned all the remaining copies of Farenheit 451.

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