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Benjamin Franklin Coffee Mug

The Benjamin Franklin coffee mug highlights the great folk wisdom that its namesake had.  The founding father Benjamin Franklin realized that mother in laws are the strongest weapon against echo chambers.

“Love your mother in law, for she tells you your flaws”

– Benjamin Franklin

Who Was Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was one of the great founding fathers who helped develop the political system in the United States.  He also spent much of his life in the city of Philadelphia, and involved himself in a wide variety of ventures.

This included scientific experiments, involvement in politics, an ambassadorship to Paris, publishing, and more.  Franklin researched electricity, oceanography, and more.  Also, he was the first President of what would become the University of Pennsylvania.

The Almanack

He also published “Poor Richard’s Almanack”, which included a mixture of weather predictions and insightful quotes.  One of these famous quotes concerned the issue with friends who don’t tell you the truth.  Unfortunately, especially when you become more successful in your career, the people you surround yourself with will be less willing to tell the truth.

They will have an incentive to tell you what you want to hear, which can lead to an echo chamber which ends up being harmful in the end.  Therefore, the solution to this problem is to listen to your mother in law’s complaints.

Although it is tempting to avoid her critiques as much as possible, she could very well be the one person who breaches the echo chamber.  Additionally, if you don’t have a mother-in-law, you can ask a friend to talk to his or her mother-in-law as a proxy.

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