FDR on His Phobias


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The FDR Coffee Mug

The FDR coffee mug references Roosevelt’s warnings about fear.  FDR became President a few years after the beginning of the Great Depression – the greatest economic calamity of our time.  During his inaugural address, he told us to not fear anything, except for the phobias he had.

“The only thing we have to fear is big spiders. And snakes. And also heights.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt

On Franklin Delano Roosevelt

FDR was bornin in 1882 in Hye Park, New York to the businessman James Roosevelt and his wife Sara Ann Delano.  He came from an aristocratic American family, and spent his childhood learning upper class sports such as polo and tennis.  He attended the Groton school in Massachusetts, then attended Harvard.  After this he eventually began a career in law, became a New York state senator, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Governor, and eventually President.

The Presidency of FDR began in the uncertainty of the Great Depression.  He realized he needed to find a way to calm the panic felt in the economy at the time.  To deal with this, FDR decided to give his profound thoughts on fear.  He went up to the podium and then told the American people not to fear anything.  However, FDR was no hypocrite, so he made a few exceptions related to his own phobias.  These included big spiders (especially the really fast ones), snakes (garden sakes included), and any heights above 5 feet.

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  1. White ceramic
  2. 11 oz (0.33 l)
  3. Rounded corners
  4. C-handle
  5. Lead and BPA-free

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