Napoleon on Not Interrupting People


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The Napoleon Bonaparte Coffee Mug

The Napoleon Bonaparte coffee mug references the famous Emperor’s true passion in life: social etiquette.

“Never interrupt your enemy because interrupting is not polite”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica, a historically Italian island which was annexed by France a few decades before the birth of Napoleon.  He was descended from a minor noble family, and enrolled in the French military academy as he entered adulthood.  Napoleon quickly rose through the ranks, and was noticed by the revolutionary government when he put down a rebellion by a rival faction.  After this, he began his Italian and then Egyptian campaigns, and eventually usurped power from the interim French government, declaring himself emperor.

The true life passion of Napoleon was not warfare or political leadership – it was social etiquette.  He hated when people chewed with their mouth open, didn’t like it when people put their feet on furniture, and insisted people take their hat off indoors.  Most of all, he did not like it when people interrupted.  He would even let his enemies keep talking.


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  1. White ceramic
  2. 11 oz (0.33 l)
  3. Rounded corners
  4. C-handle
  5. Lead and BPA-free

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