Sun Tzu on Strategic Cowardice


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The Sun Tzu Coffee Mug

The Sun Tzu coffee mug highlights the genius of a famous theorist.  The great military strategist Sun Tzu taught about the importance of strategic cowardice.  The key is to pretend you didn’t run away in shame when someone asks after the fact.

“Supreme excellence comes from running away from the battlefield and denying it later on”

-Sun Tzu

On Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu is a famous Chinese military strategist who grew up during the Eastern Zhou period.  He famously wrote the famous book “The Art of War”, which taught timeless principles of military strategy .  The strategies are studied and adapted to this day by militaries and governments around the world.

He believed in the importance of strategic cowardice – one of the best ways to survive during wartime.  He also taught the value of protracting procurement contracts as a way to keep a job while on campaign in the countryside.

Strategic Cowardice

He also believed it was important to “not know yourself and not know your enemy”, because you can’t lose a war if you don’t know that you’re losing.  Some strategic thinkers in the centuries afterwards have tried to match his genius.

Famously, Clausewitz talked about the “smog of war”, which refers to the danger of fighting in low-visibility locales like the Los Angeles metro area.  However, no one has been able to match the genius of Sun Tzu.

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  1. White ceramic
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  3. Rounded corners
  4. C-handleLead and BPA-free

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