Babe Ruth On Ping Pong


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Babe Ruth Coffee Mug

This coffee mug honors Babe Ruth and his great passion in life: the game of ping pong.  All though Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player of his era, and broke numerous records, what he really wanted to do was be a professional ping pong player.  However, since there were no professional ping pong teams in early 20th century America, Babe Ruth settled with baseball.

“The only real game in the world, I think, is ping-pong”

– Babe Ruth

The Life of Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth grew up in Baltimore in a working class family, as the grandson of German immigrants.  He was sent to St. Mary’s boarding school at an early stage, and spent much of his childhood there.  He began playing baseball during this time, but also played ping pong as well.  He was convinced he would make ping pong America’s national sport.

He did struggle with hitting home runs in ping pong, which is not good because it meant he missed the table a lot.  However, Babe Ruth improved his ping pong game, and aspired to become the greatest ping pong player ever.  After realizing Americans were not going to embrace ping pong, he decided to go with his backup plan of becoming a ping pong player.

  1. White ceramic
  2. 11 oz (0.33 l)
  3. Rounded corners
  4. C-handle
  5. Lead and BPA-free

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